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Artefacts from the WC&PR are unfortunately fairly few and dispersed. This page will attempt to record where items may be found. If you have any knowledge of other museums containing items please let us know. The following museums hold some items or displays.

Colonel Stephens Museum, Tenterden, Kent - website

Currently the best collection of WC&PR items.

National Railway Museum, York - website

Has some WC&PR signs. More details to come.

Weston-super-Mare Museum - website

This museum had a small collection of WC&PR items, but it is understood that these have been transferred to the Somerset Heritage Centre, Taunton. See below.

Somerset Heritage Centre - website

This centre has some WC&PR items including metal signs, and some items from the Weston-super-Mare museum.

Winchcombe Railway Museum Trust - website

This museum had several WC&PR metal signs and a few tickets etc. in its collection but is currently closed.

Weston-super-Mare Library - website

The Reference Library has a good collection of WC&PR photographs and cuttings.

WC&P Railway Group - website

The Group is building a small collection of WC&PR artefacts and photographs.

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