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Cycleways and footpaths along the WC&P

Although it would be wonderful to see trains running again along the WC&P Railway route, this is unlikely, and the best way to safeguard the route from building over or complete obliteration may be to encourage cycleways and footpaths on the track bed. This should then preserve the route for the foreseeable future.

If this is done however, we must find ways to show that this was once a railway, by use of interpretation boards etc. Weston in Gordano - track bed

You can already walk a part of the track bed (photo) in the Gordano Valley on Weston Moor Reserve, which is part of the Avon Wildlife Trust land near Weston in Gordano. See The Line today - North section.

Part of the route between Clevedon and Weston – from Mud Lane toWick St Lawrence Wick St Lawrence halt is to be a cycleway/footpath built by North Somerset Council. A planning application for this was submitted in Nov 2018 which includes a replica station at Wick St Lawrence.

The application was approved in Dec 2018. Details …

Funding was obtained for the project in late 2019, but it can’t go ahead until further funding is obtained for an adjacent farm bridge. The bridge is necessary so as to segregate walkers and cyclists from farm traffic. It is hoped that funding will become available in 2020.

There is now a new short stretch of track bed which you can walk for about 31Trackbed looking from River Banwell to Ebdon Lane5 metres from Ebdon Lane to the River Banwell. This area of land is now used for flood defence purposes and is open to the public. There is a network of connecting paths and a footbridge (Spinner's End Bridge) crossing the River Banwell, linking the modern housing to this public space. An interpretation board provided by the WC&P Railway Group is installed by the footbridge.